Monday, December 16, 2002

I am not supposed to be writing this thing anymore, but Eva emailed again, and I am thinking about continuing on this project, despite the fact that this site has become a toilet for dumping my thoughts and emails that I dont know what else to do with.

here is Eva's email - see for yourself. BTW - she still does not know about this wabi sabi site.

"Hi Andrew!

I looked again at your web-site and was really touched by the Boaz project. It would take me a day to write a bit more about what's on my heart.. I use to tell that my calling is to equip youth and children for revival.I have a group of friends between 17and 29 years old, about 10 of them, who are working with me to pray for and teach children and youth. We also s´pend lot of time together praying and eating and some traveling. I'm carrying a burden for the whole nation of Finland, and I'm longing to see young belivers to live their Chirtian life in meaningful bodies and not just play church.
Last Spring God showed me a vision while we were having a prayer meeting in a house church with the youth. It was of an old cellar where ther was many pillars. One of them was full of light and the Holy Spirit said to me:You are this pillar of light! the picture really encouraged me, as I often see my own weakness and frailty.

I will enclose two of my prayer letter from a camp where I was with these youth, one is from 2001 where God intervened to my life dramatically and the other is from 2002 where you can see how our team has developed.

After the Dawn conference and Reinhold's teachning, my friend who is also an elder in our church said:When will you be starting a youth church?I was a bit shocked but and said that it's not my intention. However, I realized that a youth church could be quite easily connected to a house church network.So I'm praying God would start something here in this town,whether I'm involved or not.

I got an invitation to the Dawn conference where you are leading one track and I'm praying whether I should come or not.

I got a new part-time job a a tutor in a Commercial College for three days a week, so it supports my calling to serve the next generation. I'm married, we have three children, 10,12 and 15 and we are on our mid 40-ies.

Hope your could hear my heartbeat between these lines.

together in this journey,


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